For decades, Great Granny’s been saving her bacon grease in that old rusty coffee can in her kitchen, and popping some fresh kernels on her stovetop with it. Bless her heart. Then the microwave oven came along, and she didn’t quite jump on the bandwagon. She loved her bacon popcorn too much to give up her traditional bacon-popping ways.

Well Granny, now there’s something called BaconPOP® microwave popcorn from J&D’s. So you can just sit back in that comfy old rocking chair of yours, put on some Perry Como records, and rest those tired arches. Because in 5 minutes or less you’ll be enjoying a savory, delicious mix of bacon, butter and premium popcorn that’s designed for maximum eatability and anytime snacking. How’s that for convenience?

And while you’re sitting down, maybe you can fire up that computer we bought you so many years ago and tune into something called the Internet, which is kind of like TV except you have to do all the work. Yes, we know, the type’s too small. And no, you can’t use your clicker to change the channel. But there are pictures of the grandkids, and unlimited reruns of Matlock. Just look out for viruses and spyware, OK?

And for heaven’s sake, please pass the BaconPOP.

Oh and did we mention it comes in Cheddar flavor too? You’re welcome.

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