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For Bacon-Flavored Kisses.

Dave said, “Let’s make Bacon Lip Balm.” Justin said, “That’s so stupid. No one would buy that.” Dave did it anyways behind Justin’s back, and 5 years later, and hundreds of thousands of sales later, we’re still making it. Dave’s been wrong about a lot of things, but this time, this one time, he was right.

If you love kissing, and you love bacon, this is the lip balm for you. It’s even SPF 15.

Sriracha Lip BalmKiss the Rooster!

Here is a partial list of things we’ve never made out with:

  • Napalm
  • Roosters
Consider both of those problems solved with J&D’s Sriracha Lip Balm! This is rooster sauce for your face, a smoking hot SPF 15 lip balm that won’t burn your mouth but may make you constantly hungry for fried rice or teriyaki.
If you love the rooster like we do, you’ll love J&D’s Sriracha Lip Balm.