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There have been a lot of firsts at J&D’s:

  • First bacon-flavored seasoning salt to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.
  • First giant strip of bacon to wrestle a giant jar of mayonnaise in 6,000 lbs of mayonnaise (for charity, of course).
  • First company to trick TIME magazine into running a story about the development of the mythical product Bacon Air, a bacon-flavored oxygen inhaler made with 95% pure Himalayan oxygen.

But of all of our firsts, we might be most proud of this one – Bacon Lip Balm. It’s portable, answers two questions at once (e.g. “How do I keep my lips from being so chapped?” and “What did I have for breakfast this morning?”). It also acts as a constant reminder of why bacon is the unquestioned king of cured meats.

But we didn’t stop at Bacon Lip Balm. We als0 made:

  • Bacon Shaving Cream – for the rugged MAN in your life that wrestles bears and likes a silky smooth shave
  • Bacon-Flavored Mmmvelopes – taking envelope glue to a new and more bacony level. Currently out of production while we wait for people to start mailing letters again.
  • Sriracha Lip Balm – it’s like making out with tasty napalm
  • Bacon Sunscreen – for when you want to sizzle in the sun
  • Bacon Coffins – thought this was another April Fool’s Day prank? The joke’s on you – we really made them! For people that love bacon to death.

For the naughty ones out there, there’s always baconlube. Did we go too far? Probably.