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Black Truffle Crisp 7oz small
la buona tavolaBlack Truffle Crisps – described by one major store buyer as “the best cracker anyone has ever shown us” and another as “the most delicious tasting thing ever” – is a bona fide hit. One retailer, La Buona Tavola in Seattle’s iconic Pike Place Market, are going through 6 cases every 2 weeks.

How have they been so successful? Getting the product in peoples’ mouths. According to a staffer, “It’s pretty simple – once people try them, they buy them!”

Large and small retailers are reporting the same levels of success including a major high end retail chain in Western Canada (25,000 units in 3 months in 33 stores) and Paris Grocery in Seattle (4 cases every 2-3 weeks out of an even smaller gourmet store).

To help more retailers have this kind of success, we’re now offering one free box of Black Truffle Crisps for you to use as a demo item for every 3 cases you order. Please contact us for details.

Made with real Italian black summer truffles, Black Truffle Crisps are a perfect match for specialty cheeses (like brie, aged white cheddar, camembert), cured meats, appetizers, or as a gourmet snack for the truffle lover. The suggested retail price is $6.99-7.99, making them surprisingly affordable for a real black truffle product (which typically retail for $15-20).