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Welcome to J&D’s Bacon Ranch, where the skies are blue, the pigs are pigs and the dressings and dips are delicious.

We’re talking bacon-flavored ranch here. It’s like bacon and ranch dimmed the lights, put on the Barry White records and made the world’s perfect condiment. Which is what happened. Kind of.

OK, so what really happened is we got hungry. And when we get hungry, we get chicken wings. Dozens of them. And that’s when it all began, our talk of two of the greatest things in the universe – ranch dressing and bacon. If we combined these two flavors in the right way, we thought, we could make the world’s best dressing and dip.

And you know what? We were right. It was so delicious that we instantly crowned it the best product we’ve ever made. These are flavors that were truly meant for each other. Great as a dip, tasty as a dressing and makes the most incredible burger mix you’ve ever had.

So break out the chips. Fry up some chicken wings. Make up a salad. Grill some burgers. Or bring out the veggie tray. And head on out to J&D’s Bacon Ranch.

Git along little taste buds.