The future of sleep is here.

And it smells like cured meat.

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Do you dream of cured meat? We do, and we know you do too.
The future of sleep is here, and… it smells like cured meat. Our Bacon Scented Pillowcase uses advances in printing technology we stole from NASA to allow the scent of bacon to permeate your dreams and expand your mind. That’s right, the unmistakable scent of Bacon is embedded in the ink on these specially printed pillowcases.
If cared for according to included instructions, this pleasing aroma should last for 6-12 months or more. It can even endure through multiple wash cycles – be sure to use an unscented detergent, wash separately in warm water, and air or tumble dry.
Your sweet bacony sleep experience may or may not have the following effects:
  • Happier dreams of breakfasts past, floating on bacony clouds or placing the winning hog at the 4-H contest.
  • Effortless, overnight weight loss by kicking your digestive system into high gear – try not to eat your pillowcase.
  • Dramatic increases in your intelligence and higher brain functioning because… Bacon.
  • Easier wake-ups – your mornings will be like being shot out of bacony cannon.
Science tells us that better sleep can help you live longer, lower stress and solve the New York Times crossword puzzle without Google. Science also tells us that anything is better wrapped in Bacon (including your hed). So make the right choice. The Bacon choice. And try a Bacon Scented Pillowcase today. They’re only $12.99 at our online store – that’s such a small price to pay for a bacony night’s sleep.
From the makers of Bacon Salt®.
Sweet Bacony Dreams! 

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