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We’re Justin & Dave, the founders of J&D’s Foods, the makers of Bacon Salt®. It is our legal and slightly unpleasant duty to inform you about a new problem that  has the potential to be bigger than all other current major social issues combined and multiplied by one million: snorting Bacon Salt.

We know what you’re thinking – what in the world could be wrong with that? That’s what we said (under oath in a recent congressional hearing).

So who tipped off the fuzz? You did, that’s who. The potential end to the good times started with videos like this posted on YouTube:

And this:

In the face of mounting government regulation and hefty legal fees – and in the tradition of other failed marketing campaigns designed to tell people what to do and how to do it – we are launching the Don’t Snort It campaign and website. It is our hope that, despite the obvious benefits of Bacon Salt snorting to us in terms of increased sales and financial security, this initiative will help deal with the problem in a very passive-aggressive, yet legally acceptable fashion.

Read more about why this will probably work and what we’re being forced to do to address these issues. And if you do anything today, please help us spread the word.