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We’ve done some really crazy, and potentially illegal, things with bacon over the last 6 years – from mayonnaise wrestling to the Bacathlon, and Bacon Coffins to our tour across college and pro football stadiums in America (including falling through the roof of an RV dressed as a very drunk strip of bacon). Here are a couple of summaries of our exploits. Our moms are really proud of us. They are.


The story of Giant Bacon illegally getting awesome inside football stadiums has grown to legendary proportions. In case you’re keeping score, here were the final results from this endeavor:

  • 2 near arrests – one for soliciting at a national monument (walking across a field near the Liberty Bell and having children take pictures with you is apparently a serious crime) and the other for criminal trespassing near Boston College (apparently walking around dressed as a giant piece of meat is not allowed on school property). A mug shot in a giant bacon costume would DEFINITELY make the headlines on Smoking Gun.
  • 10 waves started in-stadium
  • 300,000 samples of Bacon Salt passed out
  • 20 keg stands in Bacon suit – not as easy as it sounds!
  • A $300 repair bill to replace an RV sunroof caused by Giant Bacon falling through it (after one of the aforementioned keg stands). In Bacon’s defense, he has no feet and can’t really see below his waist.


Our launch of Baconnaise, The Ultimate Bacon-Flavored Spread, started out as a simple idea – get a whole bunch of mayonnaise, fill up a ring with it, and stage a wrestling match pitting a Giant Strip of Bacon vs. a Giant Jar of Mayonnaise for galactic condiment superiority. So we invited the guys from Seattle Semi-Pro Wrestling (SSP) and The Seattle Mudhens Women’s Rugby Team to participate.

Other than not having an exit plan (5 hours of clean up) and the mistake of offering $2 tequila shots, the event was a huge success. Over 1,000 people jammed into a small nightclub for the promised spectacle, free Baconnaise BLT’s and drink specials. We made over 2,000 Baconnaise BLT’s and served more booze than the nightclub had ever served in one night. We raised $3,000 for a great charity. And we put on a show that will probably never again be repeated in human history.