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Giant Bacon

 We know you love Bacon. But did you know Bacon loves you back?
Introducing Bacon Loves You – our effort to spread love and bacon to those who truly deserve it. Here’s how it works:
  1. Fill out the form below with a person in your life that you think deserves some love or a random act of kindness and why. For logistical purposes on this first round, we need this person to be located in the Seattle area.
  2. We will select one person (for now) to show some love to – in a way that only Bacon can. We can’t tell you exactly how we’ll do this yet – we plan to be creative – but trust us when we say we will bring a bacon-loving smile to his or her face.
  3. We want to inspire other people to do good things, bacony or otherwise. To help others spread the bacon love, we may want to post a video of this experience on youtube or social media, so you and whoever you’re nominating should be ok getting some airtime (which will be all positive).
We’ve loved and appreciated all the support of our bacony pursuits and exploits through the years, and it’s time for us to pay it forward. Bacon Loves You.
Yours in Bacon,
The J&D’s Foods Team



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