J&D’s Foods Launches Tastes Like Freedom Initiative


BS Balloon

In partnership with the United States government, J&D’s Foods is pleased to announce the Tastes Like Freedom initiative, which will involve floating free jars of Bacon Salt by balloon into war-torn, oppressed and hostile countries around the globe.

Jim Swanson, J&D’s Foods Director of Marketing said, “Dennis Rodman has demonstrated that by showing people what freedom really looks like, common ground can be found. And what tastes like freedom? Bacon Salt tastes like freedom.

Bacon Salt gives everything a “wrapped in bacon” taste with zero fat and zero calories. In the U.S., Bacon Salt is the seasoning of choice for eggs, potatoes, grilled meats, popcorn and vegetables. Other countries are quickly following our lead. In Russia, Bacon Salt is commonly used in borscht and on pierogies. Bacon Salt seasoned haggis is now a staple on many menus in Scotland. And liberally Bacon Salted Nigiri rolls are becoming incredibly popular in countries like Japan.

“We applaud the United States government for taking this step to improve the taste of foods around the world. This is really the ultimate goodwill gesture. I mean, who wouldn’t want their foods to taste like bacon?” Swanson said.

A spokesperson for the U.S. government had this to say: “We realized that if we dropped actual bacon into these countries, it would likely be perceived as an act of war – so many cultures and religions prohibit pork. But this time, we’ve thought this through and are happy to report that Bacon Salt is vegetarian and even kosher, which should hopefully keep people from taking up arms against us.”

Dave Lefkow, the co-founder of J&D’s Foods, said “Every day, we see provocative things being floated into hostile countries – The Interview (not Seth Rogen’s best work, but we still love him), propaganda leaflets, Choco Pies – and have decided instead to use this vehicle to make a meaningful contribution to world peace. After all, if everyone’s foods tasted like bacon, what would we have to fight about?

If you’d like to taste freedom yourself, please visit www.BaconSalt.com.

Bacon Salt 3 pack

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